some more outside drawings! I went to LA for a while


Apophenia III, 2014

Azamat Akhmadbaev

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"No matter where you are...we'll always be together."

Quick doodle while I wait for my dad to finish playing on the PS3.


Five Nights at Freddy’s.


Bumble is the most majestic-looking cat


The Aftershocks

I was asked to create a .gif of a house interior during an earthquake. The article chronicles the controversial aftermath of the devastating quake that happened in L’Aquila, Italy in 2009. I wanted to capture the movement of the “tremors” before the full-on earthquake, although this tremor is infinite, never resolving.
This image and the all the animation was made in Photoshop. thanks AD Erich Nagler!


pjmattan: Taco Monday

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What if the entire tale of sleeping beauty really was, at one point, a clever ploy in order to lure the princes of any neighbouring kingdoms into an old, abandoned castle? 

There is no sleeping beauty— there is only an assassin who happens to be very good at pretending to be asleep.

(cheers to loika for help & cough bedtime stories, and whose artbook you should definitely preorder because it will make your life better and your eyes happy.)


Evolution of “Lis” from Seconds.

Development sketches, 2010-2011. The final sketch (in leopard print) is an outfit sketch from later in the comics process, mid-2013, after I’d drawn her in the comic a bunch of times.